26 December 2010


Princess Sandy was attacked yesterday morning by a Jack Russell terrier bitch when I brought her out for her morning walk. And I wasn't joking about the bitch part since it was a female dog.

I was walking her when suddenly out of nowhere, a pudgy-looking Jack Russell terrier which was not on a leash was bouncing slowly towards Sandy. It didn't growl, bare its teeth or look menacing like those dogs which are out on an attack. Behind her, I could hear the owner calling her dog to stop but it ignored her owner's calls.

As Princess Sandy is often holed up in her castle, she seldom gets to meet or make new friends, so I felt it would be good for her to socialize a bit. Bad move! After the bitch came near and sniffed Sandy out, it started to growl and seemed to make a beeline to attack Sandy.

Fortunately, I was alert and pulled Sandy's leash so that she was away from the aggressive bitch. Sandy was trying to back off too, so her moves coordinated well with my action.

By then, the female owner came and grabbed her terrier and gave her a smack on her small behind. She quickly made an exit and ran off with her dog. I didn't know why but I was a bit slow in my thoughts. I wasn't shocked by the attack but I didn't confront the owner too. I was prepared to attack the terrier if it were to bite Sandy. Luckily, Sandy escaped unscathed, otherwise I wouldn't be so calm and collected.

But I wish the owner would at least apologize instead of running off. I will recognize the dog and owner when I see them the next time. I would advise all dog owners to leash their dogs, in accordance to the law, to protect their own and other people's dogs, especially if they know their dogs have a propensity to attack other people or dogs. If I did not leash Sandy, she may have ran off in panic and I may lose her if I couldn't find her.