29 December 2010


I was at Nex for the 3rd time and this time I went there to catch a movie "Meet the Parents: Little Fockers". But that is not the topic of this post.

I checked out the newly opened Pet Safari and lo and behold, they have an albino hairless guinea pig on sale! The poor thing was labeled as 'skinless pig' but a pig it is not. I feel it is one thing to be albino for a pet animal because albino hamsters always look adorable with their blood red eyes. But it is strange to be hairless for a mammal.

As I was snapping photos of this beautiful creature, yes it looks so fragile, beautiful and was staring back at me that I felt like cuddling it in my arms, I heard different views of the animal. Some love it and some loathe it. I hope whoever buys it would love and look after it very well.

Some links are shown here and I find the 2nd link to be endearing:
Then there is the equally adorable but very furry Angora Rabbit, that is on the opposite end of the scale for hair possession. A link is shown below:

For those who wants to rush out to get a pet for the new year, please think twice as it is a huge lifelong responsibility that goes with it, at least for the lifetime of the animal. Responsible ownership is the key to having a meaningful relationship between the pet and the owner.