29 December 2010


I had a dream this morning and as I drifted between the different cycles of REM (rapid eye movement), I wasn't conscious that it was a dream scape despite the unrealistic situation. It was neither a very happy dream nor a nightmare, it was more of excitement so I don't know what to make of it.

To cut the long story, I mean dream, short, I found myself visiting some relatives in Australia. I wasn't elated at first but when told I could move there, a lot went through my mind. It seemed to fire off a lot of synapses, because I remembered feeling excited when I uncovered some hidden plants e.g. strawberry, spring and summer plants, below the snow, and realized I could have so much fun during the 4 seasons from spring right down to winter. And that was when I woke up.

I suppose the inspiration or message that I got from it is that the year is coming to an end soon and a new year is beginning soon. Time has managed to slip another year through our fingers like sand underneath our watchful eyes and there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing we can do is to dream big in the new year because only when we dare to dream, our wishes may come true. This message rings true for me because in this upcoming year, I can see the challenges facing me in my work. How can I overcome the obstacles and bring myself to a higher level and contribute my best to the organisation I work for? My mind is already racing against time and I hope it would be another fruitful year for me.

I may be a year late in showing the original link and video below, but the sensational Susan Boyle did not let age, time or skepticism stop her from dreaming big. Her success story should be a great inspiration for all.

It is time to count down to the new year and we are just 2 days and 2 hours away from a fresh beginning. May we all reflect on the passing year and hope all our wishes come true in the upcoming one.