29 December 2010


I couldn't remember what the former building was called, but after a late lunch, we ventured towards the new building Wilkie Edge, directly across Peace Centre at the junction of Wilkie Road and Selegie Road.

Now they even have a huge media screen on the building. Wow, I am amazed at how much the place have changed over the face of time. They even have green on the higher floors. It looks like the promotion of skyrise greenery is making an impact and presence, after so many years.

Inside the very spacious and upmarket looking interior were several interesting outlets e.g. Starbucks, and a christmas tree. And viola, the famous 7th Storey, formerly standing alone along a stretch of Rochor Road before the Downtown Line construction moved in, was set up here. It looked more posh though.

Too bad we had to rush back to work, otherwise I would spend a bit more time here.