23 December 2010


The 1st photo was taken of Fort Canning Park's beautiful green canopies leading down the hill to the former Hill Street Food Center beside the MICA building.

Right in front of the open space at the base of the Fort Canning Park is planted with a row of Swietenia macrophylla (common name: Big Leaf Mahogany, Sky Fruit; Family: Meliaceae) along the sidetable. These trees were popular roadside trees in the past and were replaced by more showy or interesting trees that provide better shade and colour.

One of the reasons why this tree is seldom planted these days because of its fruits that point up to the sky, hence the common name. In two of the photos, the Mistletoe was also captured.

Right after taking these photos, my camera battery died on me. A link on this tree is shown below: