26 December 2010


This grove of Myristica fragrans (common name: Nutmeg; Family: Myristicaceae) have been around for a while now. I was told that for a nutmeg tree to fruit, it has to be at least 7 years old. I am not sure if this is true though.

Anyway, I could only find the small floral buds and the fruits. I didn't find anything in between. A link on the Nutmeg is attached here:


There are also quite a number of Mistletoes growing on the branches. Initially, from afar, I found the Nutmeg trees looked kind of strange and they appeared to have some orangey flowers growing from it. As I approached closer, I noticed the large clumps of Mistletoes. In the last few photos, it shows how the haustorium (pl. haustoria) of the Mistletoe attaching itself to the branches of the host tree and grew from there.