27 December 2010


I watched this science fiction movie a few years ago at the cinema and watched it again recently. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love this movie starring Will Smith.

Based on a novel, it tells the story of a virologist who lost his family to zombies, created by a human altering virus originally synthesized to cure cancer, and appears to be the sole survivor in the city of Manhattan. His immunity to the virus allowed him to live on to find a cure amidst the violent zombies and avoid detection by the zombies, who would perish under sunlight, by venturing out into the open in the day and seeking refuge in his hideout at night.

His demise happened after he saved a mother and son, who carelessly led the zombies to his hideout, but not before he finally found the remedy and passed it to them and sacrificed himself in order for them to seek safety in Vermont where the survivors converged. That was his legend.

A link on this movie is shown here, where an alternate ending was made:

Whilst I love this movie, I love the other British zombie movie '28 Days Later' and '28 Weeks Later' much much more because they were way scarier and the virus was definitely deadlier. Any contact with the infected victims was all it took to transform a normal human being to a zombie within a matter of seconds. The first film starred Cillian Murphy who moved on to make more successful movies, including 'Sunshine', his role as Scarecrow in 'The Dark Knight' and the upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises' to be released in 2012. There are 2 links shown below on the zombie movies. I was hoping for the sequel '28 Months Later' but from the 2nd link below, it seems they are not making it due to some production issues. How disappointing!