23 December 2010


I skipped my morning breakfast so that I could eat this nearer to lunch. But this was not all I ate. What was not shown was a plate of noodles that I finished before taking this photo.

The stall assistant asked me this morning why I didn't give the lady boss a christmas present and my answer to her was that I patronised her stall this morning and ordered so much, as always.

Come to think of it, I have been eating at this wanton noodle stall for more than 10 years on now. Wow, time flies. When my office was at Beach Road, I used to eat it every morning and walk all the way to work.

I am not saying this is the best wanton noodles in Singapore because I know one man's meat is another man's poison. I also know for a fact that the friends I introduced to this noodle stall wasn't as besotted as me by the fantastic noodles. But this is my favourite wanton noodle stall now, considering that the one in Changi Village did not taste as good anymore and closed its doors after so many years.

I love the springy noodles, chilli, wanton and its soup. Well, that is already everything. That is all I can say.