04 December 2010


This afternoon, I found some time to re-pot some of the plants that I bought from the last Gardening Bazaar or some bought long ago, but most of which I neglected for a while. Amongst these plants include Episcia 'Silver Skies', Petrocosmea flaccida, Seemannia sylvatica (common name: Hardy Gloxinia), Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet' and Sinningia 'Doll Baby'. And all of them are from the Gesneriaceae Family.

My other Achimenes and Chirita are not growing
too well. I have to pay some attention to them soon before they die on me. On the other hand, the Episcia 'Magnificent' has grown considerably since I got it and it is flowering now. A link on the plant is shown below: