19 March 2012


On the other side of Bishan Park 2 across the road, the residents were gathered around the tentages to kick-start the Community Arts Festival event as part of the PassionArts Month.

One of the first things that attracted my attention, other than the crowd, was the mass of flowering Zephyranthes grandiflora (common name: Pink Rain Lily) in the new landscape beds. I also have not seen the Lagerstroemia indica (common name: Crape Myrtle; Family: Lythraceae) used in our parks for a long time now and I was delighted to see them here.

Almost everyone was carrying umbrellas of a multitude of colours and design in the drizzle. On my way across the overhead bridge to make a quick exit to avoid the heavy downpour, I took photos of the understorey palms e.g. Arenga hookeriana, Johannesteijsmannia lanceolata, Iguanura wallichiana, planted below the crown of the existing clusters of mature trees.