13 March 2012


My mum requested that I take a look at this almost bald tree outside the living room window because she was amazed by the shedding of leaves and appearance of small new leaf flushes almost soon after that.

I told her this is one of the local Singapore Sakuras Cratoxylum formosum although it is not as showy as the other C. cochinchinensis and C. maingayi. However, I was drawn to the few sparrows on the tree. It was kind of cold that morning after the rain and the birds' feathers were fluffed up, presumably to insulate and keep themselves warm. It always makes me wonder where the birds go into hiding whenever it rains. I know it sounds stupid and am certain they huddle together and hide themselves high up in the tree crowns when that happens. But it still never fails to amaze me because when I am indoors, I feel cold even with thick clothing. So how do they manage to tolerate the smattering raindrops against their bodies and retain the warmth at the same time?