14 March 2012


I love this captivating climber Mexican Flame Vine that I planted at the Home Garden swing and at the Car Park Garden's trellis and was pleasantly surprised to see the latter putting out its best display for all to see. I certainly hope it would gain some popularity in other gardens.

The Devil's Tree or Indian Pulai Tree (scientific name: Alstonia scholaris) must have flowered spectacularly recently, considering the amount of pendulous seed pods that were hanging on the tree.

And I can never forget this Flame of the Forest or Red Flame tree (scientific name: Delonix regia) because I deliberately and painstakingly selected it, with the intention of making it the symbolic representation of HortPark. But I never got to or achieved that stage. All I did was planting out a few of them at Floral Walk and Car Park Garden and the remaining were planted at the Floral Stitches where the display plots were. This particular tree at the Car Park Garden flowered recently and it bewildered me why the terminal branches with flowers were pruned off just days before?

Up at the Floral Walk, I noticed the grafted Wrightia dubia was much taller than before and it was still flowering. I am glad I planted these strikingly beautiful plants along the walkway for others to appreciate them.

If not for the Alstonia photos, this would be a post entirely dedicated to orange or peach coloured flowering plants.