18 March 2012


I was doing my gardening the other day and when I looked up, I was greeted by this open flower of the Gloria Lily, Tiger Claw or Flame Lily (Family: Liliaceae). I didn't see it coming, otherwise I would have kept a constant lookout for its developing floral bud.

I bought the rhizomes of this plant some months ago and grew it for as long a time. Every time it grew to a certain height, I would accidentally damage or break off the flimsy, soft and herbaceous stem and never had the chance to see it bloom in my hands. That is, until now. Just recently, I had to tease the leafy tendrils from the Hamelia patens and drape the long growth onto a hook on the wall to support it. I guess it paid off.

Now there is another developing floral bud and I am keeping vigil to see how many flowers it can produce from this single stem alone.