11 March 2012


 Today's weather - sunny
After watching "Avatar", who doesn't know Sam Worthington? His latest movie "Man on a Ledge", stars Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris etc.

Driven to desperation, a former police officer and now innocent fugitive Nick Cassidy on the run from the law decided to pick a crowded traffic junction in New York City to attempt suicide by jumping off a tall building. But things were not as simple as it seemed and cops were also involved in the crime.

The truth was, Nick didn't want to die. He staged this suicide attempt to draw media attention to his act, in a bid to clear his name, while his brother and girlfriend were across the street in a jewellery vault stealing a $40 million diamond, for the first time, from the businessman who framed him for stealing the diamond and landed him in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Well, the premise is if the diamond was reported as stolen, then he couldn't go to jail for stealing something that was supposedly missing.

It is not the blockbuster kind of movie and didn't pack in the crowds although I feel it is passable. At least I got to watch the trailer for the upcoming "Avengers" movie starring Captain America, Thor, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and so on.