14 March 2012


I hope my colleague doesn't mind me taking a photo of her amazing terrariums at her office desk when I was waiting for her. I was in awe with what she planted in these miniature tanks and was also secretly inspired by her creativity and passion in gardening.

In one of the containers, there is a pink Episcia that looks stunningly pretty as the center of attraction. It is very deserving of that spot because I could tell the plant is very happy with its large leaves.

In another tank was an assortment of miniature pitcher plants and mosses. The planting and displays are simple, yet effective in capturing one's attention. As I mentioned before in my previous terrarium sessions, we are only limited by our own creativity.

Seriously, whilst I understand that one man's meat is another man's poison, I cannot fathom those who are unable to appreciate even the simplest form of greenery. I mean, there are a million and one different species and forms of plants out there to cater to the diverse interests and liking of any individual, surely there is one plant that would appeal to them? If not, I think it is quite sad and they don't know what they are truly missing out on. I, for one, am truly honoured to be part of the botanical world of nature and embraced them completely.