18 March 2012


The first two photos are of the uncommon yellow shaft Lipstick Palm.

The Torenia polygonoides (common name: Malayan Eyebright; Family: Scrophulariaceae) weed can sometimes provide a beautiful groundcover of plants. Perhaps some nursery grower can try cultivating them for ornamental purposes.

The recent weather also seems perfect for the flowering of the pink flower Aeschynanthus (common name: Lipstick Plant; Family: Gesneriaceae).

It is amazing that the Bauhinia tree is almost covered with lots of thin-petaled pink flowers.

Whilst looking out for more plants, I came across this Cerbera odollam (common name: Pong Pong; Family: Apocynaceae) with a long and beautiful curved branch, that reminded me somewhat of the curved branch Tembusu at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and which was immortalized on our Singapore $5 note. I want to plant this tree at the Fragile Forest if I can have my way.

Under the shade netting, the Dendrobium secundum orchids were blooming in masses.