18 March 2012


I was collecting plants and suddenly saw caterpillars of the Autumn Leaf butterfly on the variegated Asystasia groundcover. I have often seen this butterflies' caterpillars on Pseuderanthemum and Graptophyllum shrubs but this is the first time I am seeing it on this particular cultivar. So it seems it has adapted to feed on this plant species too.

Nearby, the Phyllagathis rotundifolia beckoned me with its beautiful foliage. I simply love the textural veins, leaf shape and purplish leaf bases of this groundcover.

Then, I saw the Pleated Ink Cap Fungus (scientific name: Coprinus plicatilis) on a batch of soil. The semi-transparent umbrella-liked caps look so adorable when viewed close-up. When they occur in clusters, they look even more lovely.