14 March 2012


Today's weather - sunny

I think I should start with this post, otherwise I will spend time posting photos and this will be relegated to the back of my mind and never see the light of day.

I shall start with the easy one first. I am certain everyone knows what a car park is, so I shall not spend time explaining it other than saying it is a place or area where vehicles are parked. So is a carpark the same as a car park? Or is there really such a word as a carpark?

car + park = carpark?

I failed to find the word "carpark" in a dictionary with the same meaning. How or where does it originate? Frankly, I have often seen it being used locally in newspapers, magazines, brochures and so on. So I think it is one of those words that is unknowingly created locally and used so blatantly that it sort of became accepted here. It looks so natural together but I am inclined to think there is no such word at all. I mean, we can't put two words together to form a new word, can you? 

There are similar words e.g. artwork, waterfront, seahorse, glasshouse, walkway, like these and how many of them are really acceptable?