04 August 2010


I mentioned a few days ago that I would post about these 2 apparently different yet similar looking Barringtonia acutangula trees. It seems like one of them could be the subspecies but I do not know which is the one.

3 days ago, I showed this tree at the Carpark Garden. The first 4 photos in this post were taken from this particular tree. Observe the developing fruits and the more pointed leaf tips. The leaf margins are also more wavy and are slightly serrated (toothed).

From the 6th photo onwards were shots taken of the second tree sandwiched in the raised planter between the driveway leading up to the Visitor's Centre and the ramp leading up to HortMart from the Broadwalk.

In this second series of photos, observe how different the fruits look and the leaves have a more rounded tip with an entire margin. The beautiful chains of pendulous red flowers were just amazingly gorgeous, weren't they?

The 5th photo showing the two different leaves placed beside each other was deliberately placed in between both sets of photos from two different trees to separate them.