04 August 2010


The Citharexylum spinosum (synonym: C. quadrangulare) was flowering profusely in HortPark's Carpark Garden last week. I adore this tree so much that I planted them along the entire periphery of the carpark along the fencing area. So now they were rewarding me for my efforts.

But it looked like I wasn't the only one appreciating and taking in its beauty and fragrance. Up I looked, and there they were. The butterflies were having a silent party of their own. The social butterflies were flitting from flower to flower and from tree to tree extracting the nectar from the countless freshly bloomed white flowers.

There was the familiar Autumn Leaf, Chocolate Soldier, Painted Jezebel butterflies etc. Then there was the unsuspecting Leopard butterfly, whose photo I caught, checking out the Lantana camara flowers at the carpark planters.

With this, I suppose I need no further proof that the Fiddlewood Tree is a nectar plant for a range of butterflies. Convinced now?