04 August 2010


This was one orchid that I bought on the last day of the SGF 10 from a taiwan booth.

I was told by the seller that this is a mildly variegated 巨兰. When I googled it, as I suspected, the name refers to the Grammatophyllum speciosum (common name: Tiger Orchid). Whether it is really so remains to be seen. Interestingly, this morning my colleague showed me a huge clump of flowering Tiger Orchid.

I had wanted to use it in HortPark but until the day I handed over the site, I still did not manage to do that. Hopefully, the entire clump would be transferred, without any damages, to HortPark for the public to admire its beauty and long lasting inflorescence spike of flowers. And be rest assured that I would definitely showcase its flowers soon in the upcoming posts.

NB on 23 Dec 10: I have been wanting to update this post but always forgot to do so. I feel so stupid to think that this is a Grammatophyllum. On hindsight, the growth of the pseudobulbs do not represent those of the Tiger Orchid at all. Why didn't I realise this earlier. But I am not experienced enough to tell what orchid this is. So I would just have to wait till it flowers, that is if it doesn't die on me first.