01 August 2010


I bought this Dendrobium bracteosum (Bracted Dendrobium) at the recent SGF 10. In fact, I bought 2 of them.

Dendrobium is one of the largest genus in the Family Orchidaceae. The name is derived from "dendro" (tree) and "bios" (life), which basically refers to the habit of this orchid as an epiphyte that grows on trees.

When this one in the first photo was sold to me, the seller (from Taiwan) explained that the bunch of flowers would open in succession and hence would last for up to 6 months. Hmmm, was I gullible to believe him or it is really true?

Assuming the 2 of them grow and send up new stems regularly, then this is really a good buy. I hope I can successfully grow them well under my care into a large bunch, like those that were on display during the SGF 10.

From online sources, I read that it grows on forest trees near rivers or in mangrove swamps. Hence, they require high humidity conditions to thrive and grow well. Whilst the root system needs to dry out slightly between the waterings, they also cannot be completely dried out. Their leaves may be shed from time to time because they are deciduous. A link is attached below: