14 August 2010


I watched every single season of Desperate Housewives and I think it has lost its shine somewhat over the years. Now they are into season 6 here. And for every episode, it felt as if the producers were trying to pull out all the stops to amaze the audience and retain their attention on the series.

Don't get me wrong. I love the characters on the show and the trails and tribulations they have to go through in their lives. The 4 original housewives - Bree, Susan, Linette and Gabrielle, all have different personalities and characters and that was really what held the series together all these years. But adding new characters and killing off old ones in every season when the story dried up and cannot be milked further seems to border somewhat on desperation to keep the show going.

However, I must admit I was surprised and impressed by episode 11 on the plane crash. It was original, imaginative, comical yet sensitive and touching. This episode saw some deaths, misfortunes, survivors, and raised many "what if" questions and scenarios. Don't we sometimes ask ourselves what if we had chosen differently, what if we had made that mistake etc? But we should all know that we cannot turn back the clock and can only move on with our lives. At the end of the episode, the priest's advice on the tragedy "was to focus on what was and to keep on living the best way we know how". But I think his advice applies in general to our lives.