06 August 2010


Do you find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb and unable to blend in with the others or majority? Do you find yourself ugly and unable to compete with the prettier and more handsome ones around you? Do you feel ignored, unappreciated, ostracised, unwanted and unloved?

Has it ever occur to you that you are a weed? But do you know that weeds are very specialized too? They thrive very well in the conditions that they grow in, sometimes even better than the ones deliberately planted there. So even if you are a weed, you need not resign yourself to the fate of being so. You can take charge of the situation if you want to survive amongst the other plants.

Be adaptive and draw all the resources that you need around you. Even if there is only a crevice for you to grow, make full use of it. Some resort to bringing more weeds with them or pest and disease enemies of the intended plants. Colonize the area and make it your own. Just don't overdo it and become weeded out because you become too obnoxious. In fact, some undesirable or unattractive weeds became elevated as useful or beneficial plants e.g. ornamental, medicinal, butterfly host plants, over time when others realized their true value.

So, there are valuable life lessons to be learnt from the horticultural world, even if you are not interested in plants.