03 August 2010


I used to manage this park. That was at least 5 years ago. Time flies.

These white mushrooms were sprouting from the base of the Bougainvillea planted in the trough lining the trellis along the front of the park facing Orchard Road.

When I was there, I made two structural improvements that I was proud of. In line with making the park more barrier free, I proposed the changes to the 25 years old park which was built in the early 80s.

I lowered the stainless steel bum rests facing the pool and shelter because every time there was a concert or stage performance, there were insufficient seats for the audience. The bum rests were originally constructed too high for anyone to really rest their bums on it without resorting to jumping onto the seats. They were lowered down so that anyone, and I really mean anyone, would be able to rest their behinds on these seats with ease and comfort.

I also broke away from the formal and symmetrical design configuration of the shelter and pool by hacking away part of a planter bed and converting it into a staircase to lead park users up from the walkway to the shelter and vice versa easily. Previously, access to the shelter was only possible via the back of the shelter beside the pump room. This small improvement also facilitated park performances and interaction by allowing the performers, audience and recipients of prizes etc to go up and down the shelter cum stage in the shortest possible time.

Finally, for once a year for one whole month, the red Singapore banners are put up before National Day to commemorate the occasion. National Day is around the corner, so here's an early happy National Day greeting to Singapore and all its citizens and residents!