04 August 2010


For those who are familiar with Mr Jun Ichi-Inada, he had a display at level 6 of the inaugural SGF in Dec 07. The theme was related to space and there were numerous bromeliads hanging down from the ceiling.

For this show, he had 3 small displays - Ms Flower's Home, Mr Otaku's Home and Mr Green's Home. I actually liked these displays although they may not be practical.

Ms Flower's Home was sprawling with hanging baskets of plants like a mini-jungle and this is really not for the average person. On the other hand, Mr Otaku's Home was cleaner, with lots of vertical poles and sharp-pointed foliage plants. There was a stark contrast in terms of the two designs, and this was seemingly reflective of the differences between the female and male genders. Photos of Mr Green's Home is not shown here. It was the one with the moss theme and was decorated predominantly with living mosses, to inspire in his children a love for greenery and natural things.