04 August 2010


There were 2 prominent ladies who were the centers of attraction at 2 displays on level 6. I am sure whoever visited the show would not fail to notice their presence.

The first - I named the bridal Poison Ivy, because she had a full head of long flowing beautiful hair grown from the Common Ivy (scientific name: Hedera helix cultivars) that can be found in almost all commercial nurseries across Singapore. Are the plants poisonous? Definitely not. So fret not and enjoy the site of this beautiful green, and yellow, bride and bask in her glow. She looked kind of emotionless though.

Ah, the second lady was also very prominent because she was so pale and unabashedly comfortable in her own skin. She was perched at a high vantage point, with a small heron perched on her shoulder, on a huge rock and seemingly brushing her hair. She had a smile on her face and it kind of showed the happy state she was in. The funny thing was, I overheard two ladies in front me muttering that she looked more like a man than a woman. It tickled me pink, and not white as ash, unlike her.

What were the 2 ladies looking at? If this was like the movie 'Night at the Museum', what would they do when they come to life at night?