08 September 2010


I have a teething problem. You see, I am engaged in a fierce battle against the the flab, or more specifically, my expanding girth. The photo is not my actual body because if it is, I wouldn't be complaining.

I cannot believe that at the beginning of this year, I was still a size 31 around the waist. Now, almost 8 months down the road, I have put on a few extra kilos and all have decided to settle for one comfy place on my body - my belly. My waist size now is 32, but that is below the tummy bulge. Even my mum recently joked that my waist is a size 34.

I feel as if I am a few months pregnant because of my round protruding tummy. It makes me look bad in t-shirts because for my body type, I don't look all rounded like some others who generally look alright when they put on weight evenly. When I bend over, I do feel a huge obstacle at my waist.

So for the last few weeks, I have been skipping dinner on most nights and was just eating a slice of papaya. But yet it didn't seem to help and the girth appeared to continue growing. Maybe I should cut down more carbs in the day but I am worried I am not having enough nutrients for my body with the 2 meals I take now. How can so much subcutaneous fat built up so quickly over such a short period of time? And I don't drink, so do I have a pot belly?

When will it stop growing laterally?