02 September 2010


I went swimming again this morning and as I laid there on the deck chair after the swim for a brief tan, I could feel the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

When the cloud cover was there, it was kind of fine. But the moment the clouds moved away from the sun, I felt as if my skin was heating up very fast and it was very uncomfortable, even if it was a brief moment. There and then, I thought of victims who were burnt to death and shudder to think the excruciating pain they feel on their skin and probably insides before they combust into flames.

I started thinking and wondering about the sun, especially since there is a sun in my name. All life on earth depends on the sun, so what happens when the sun dies? There were talks of a dying sun and a book was written on it and a movie 'Sunshine' was made on this subject. The latter released in 2007 starred Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh etc, so catch the movie on dvd if you are interested to know what happens when a foreign object in the universe that collided into the sun may have the effect of ending it all.

Anyway, some links are provided below: