02 September 2010


This has to be my most disgusting post thus far. I hate it even as I am typing this. There was an irrational fear of them, especially the wingless segmented ones and flying ones.

They are my biggest mortal enemies. Looking at these photos, I feel so tempted to throw the laptop away. When I was typing the previous camera post, a cockroach crawled on the table towards my right and almost gave me a heart seizure.

With a rolled-up newspaper, I smacked it and it dropped into my spinning fan and a part of it and a leg dropped onto the ground. It was not dead and was still wriggling in the fan. After some effort, it dropped onto some sheets of opened newspapers and I finally disposed off it into my dumpster. The part that dropped off was the female reproductive organ area, and it was just revolting to see a half-bodied cockroach wriggling.

They are my nemesis for a very long time. I guess it started when I was young. One frightful memory that kept me awake during my childhood was the sight of many flying cockroaches gathering on a mesh food cover in the kitchen at my grandmother's old house along the Singapore River. In those days, hygiene was not so good and it was not uncommon to see many cockroaches. That sight alone (of course they were others) caused me to hate going to her place on weekends with my parents.

Then in my Junior College, we had to dissect cockroaches. Catching it was disgusting, so I left it to my classmates to do that. But dissecting it was another nightmare. Even thought it was dead, the carcass on the dissection table felt so alive to me and every slice I made against its body prompted fears that it would suddenly scurry towards me. Urgghh, the insides were equally stomach-churning. Just look at the attached photo from the web. It was exactly like the photo. There was nothing inside other than fats and the alimentary canal with an enlarged rectum containing shit.

I also touched a cockroach with my hands before and the ribbed legs were scratchy and prickly. Oh, how I really hate them and I always employ the most cruel treatment towards them. Instead of killing them with insecticides, which I fear would create a insecticide-resistant mutant if it is not dead and escapes, I would usually drown them in the toilet bowl and flush them away. If I have hot water with me, I am certain I would boil them alive by pouring the hot water on it. I just want to make sure they are dead. I know even if all mankind dies, it would survive and that thought alone freaks me out completely.

Ok, I think I have for today. I need to recover from the shock of the nasty encounter. I hate this post to the core. I have only one word to describe it. Gross!