02 September 2010


I actually didn't intend to purchase this camera. I know I sound crazy, but I was considering a Fujifilm S2800HD or Olympus SP 800 UZ camera to replace the stolen one.

But I ended up buying this camera instead. At 481 g, it is 95 g heavier than my stolen one. The 10 megapixels is nothing to shout about since some other compact point and shoot cameras offer 14 megapixels. The optical zoom of 26x was a whopping 11x more than my previous one. The LCD display was also 3-inch but it can be tilted at an angle. With backside illumination (BSI), some photos taken with a dark background would look more balanced in its exposure. The macro-zoom is 0.4 inch (about 1 cm) and that looks impressive enough to me.

I tested out the camera just now and I was pleased with the results. So I would definitely post the photos soon, but not after I clear my backlog of photos using my older Sony camera.