05 September 2010


Wow, I saw this brown Asparagus setaceus (common name: Common Asparagus Fern, Lace Fern; Family: Asaparagaceae) and I was blown away by it. I always love this architectural plant and grew it from seeds before. Sometimes, I got pricked by its small sharp-pointed protrusions that helped it hold onto other plants and structures and climb higher. I shall name this Asparagus setaceus 'Brownii'.

And then this pink Epsicia cupreata (common name: Pink Flame Violet; Family: Generiaceae) cultivar also drew admiration and sighs from me. I bought it from US and Thailand before but could never succeed in growing them beyond a few leaves. I always end up killing them. This was proof that I have no green fingers or rather I don't believe in green fingers. Yet, this pot was growing so well for so long and there are more and more leaves now.

The detached Sedum leaf also started growing small offsets and it looked so cute.

Finally, this Turtle Moss salvaged from the SGF 2008 was grown in a container since then and seemed to grow taller and taller.

All these were my colleagues plants and I am truly impressed. I really take my hat off.