05 September 2010


These were the seeds of the pink-flower and -stemmed Impatiens balsamina (common name: Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam) that I collected from the nursery.

What prompted me to suddenly do that was the memory of this plant that I used to know. I learnt about it from my mum who loved to plant them from seeds in the past and I learnt about their explosive seed pods from my science lessons in school etc. So yes, I was more than familiar with this beautiful annual with rose-like flowers that come in a range of colours and cultivars.

From the Balsaminaceae Family, this plant is related to the more popular and commercially sold Impatiens walleriana cultivars. So anyway, I collected the seed pods and watched some of them popped and split open, to release the black seeds, when I pressed them too hard. Yes, I must remember to give some of these seeds to my mum again for her to grow them.