11 September 2010


This morning, when I was walking Sandy, I saw some sudden movement below the Ixora shrub. As I went nearer, I was taken aback by what appeared to be a snake's head.

But I couldn't really make out the snake's body and instead I saw four legs and a tail. That was when I knew it was a lizard, much like the one shown here. They are all reptiles and are closely related, no wonder I mistook it for a snake initially.
The first 3 photos were taken with my iphone, so the images were not cleared and I could not zoomed in on the lizard. The cat was eyeing the lizard, which I tried to show in the 3rd photo which I cropped from the 2nd photo.

It had something in its mouth and when I looked carefully, I discovered it to be a cockroach. Wow, lizards are my new best friend since this one got rid of my biggest mortal enemy.

Sadly, from this attached article on 15 May 10 from the Straits Times, they are slowly dying out as the earth warms up more and more over the years. Like butterflies and frogs etc, their population is declining gradually and this fact should be truly alarming to all who cares about the health of mother earth. For only when we are able to save the earth can and do we really save ourselves.