11 September 2010


I walked down memory lane this morning when I went with my mum to our old place. We wanted to eat my favourite fish ball noodles and she needed to collect her medication for high cholesterol and low blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the noodle stall was once again not open. Her medication for 2 months cost $72. That was quite expensive and I feel medical cost have gone up.

The first photo showed the resident playground for kids and now they were upgrading it.

After she left to get her hair done, I walked to my old block where we lived there for slightly more than a decade. I spent my secondary school and junior college days there. It used to be my playground. I used to jog on the roadside footpath on my own or at the stadium with my classmates. After the jog, we usually adjourned to the hawker center for our favourite dessert.

Now the block remains but there are two additional bubble lifts to every floor. The 2nd and 3rd photos showed the new lift shafts. The 4th photo showed the unit we used to stay in. From our place, we used to look at the CK Tang building but now the skyline has changed considerably. The 5th-8th photos show the view from the block. In the 5th photo, the rubbish dump directly across our unit was still there. I remember our house used to soak in the bad smell wherever the rubbish truck came along to empty the bins. Mandarin Hotel was in the far horizon and CK Tang building was now surrounded by taller buildings around it and no longer stood out. The 9th photo was the fourth level corridor that I used to see.

The 11th photo showed the Angsana tree that was there from the early days.

Then, I walked along the road shown in the 12th photo to the MRT station. In photo 13, I used to walk along this road to the stadium for some of my morning jogs but in its place are newer HDB blocks.

As I left the place, I took the 14th or last photo of the place and wondered when would I drop by this place again.