10 September 2010


This happened on 1 Sep 10. I was seated a few metres away from this door and talking to my colleague.

Suddenly, my other colleagues and me in the office heard this loud bang, as if a cabinet crashed to the ground. Stunned, we all converged somewhere near this door wondering what happened when we all saw that this glass door in front of us started to show cracks. The crack perpetuated within seconds throughout the entire glass and before we could recover from our surprise, the whole piece came crashing down right before our eyes.

Luckily no one was hurt. But is tempered glass supposed to behave this way? Strangely, no one and nothing hit against this door and it just shattered like that without warning. There were quite a few witnesses to this. My colleague said it was probably an ominous sign since it was still the 7th month then. Should we be afraid?