01 September 2010


The park is crawling with lots of these yellow and black millipedes which I suspect to be a Apheloria species from North America.

We used to have lots of cylindrical brown millipedes but these days, they are replaced by this particular species. Even my houseplants have them, partly because I bought plants grown in soil from the same source.

I know they don't really do harm to plants and in fact helps to cycle plant wastes into the soil, but I freak out every time I see this type of millipede and would never fail to scoop the curled up millipede from the soil and throw it out. I mean, I always see mating pairs wriggling in the soil, and I cannot imagine all my plants covered with this creepy crawlie, so I had to do something to curb its proliferation. Until someday I overcome this obsessive behaviour to get rid of them, I won't be able to live with their presence. Anyway, a link is attached below: