12 December 2011


 Today's weather -sunny
I have never really watched "Third Rock from the Sun" but I always like Joseph Gordon-Levitt because his acting is so sincere and authentic. Although he does not possess a leading man's good looks, he has a certain charisma about him that just makes him so likable. Seth Rogen, on the other hand, has a goofy kind of charm that makes him so endearing and provides comic relief to almost any movie he is in.

When you have both actors in the same movie, it couldn't be that bad. While I don't think this movie is extraordinarily exceptional, it is still very watchable because of the excellent acting by the cast.

Starring as an average guy-next-door who just discovered he has a rare cancer, Joseph learnt to come to terms with it with the help of his friend Seth whilst at the same time, tried to cope with the infidelity of his girlfriend (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) and console his mum (Angelica Houston) about his medical condition. His salvation came in the form of his female psychologist who just came onto the job recently.