04 December 2011


This was a few days before the start of the preview. Everyone was busy getting everything ready to face the world. 

Here at the Hub, it was planted with various species and cultivars of Chorisia of different sizes. Their trunks have varying degrees of thorniness and I love these trees. We transplanted a huge Delonix regia and it shed all its leaves, leaving just a bare crown. However, I am confident that the tree would recover from the shock and would look beautiful once again in time to come.

The Macrozamia cycads in the center of the Hub certainly look interesting and add a different dimension to the design. Some of the Chorisia were also flowering and I was elated to see the palmate leaves, especially the new flushes which show the trees were putting out new growth. This was most definitely a good sign.

The Plumeria 'Singapore Pink', Portulaca grandiflora and Jatropha podagrica are the other few additions to the lower levels of the planting.