04 December 2011


It was the big night. Before the evening came, the sky was roaring with thunder and the dark clouds loomed above.

Inside the conservatory, preparations were underway to ensure everything went smoothly as planned. The setup and decor was immaculate and the rehearsals were ongoing.

The rain eventually descended upon the area and the air was cool. It was chillingly cold inside the flower dome and I felt as if we were in a refrigerator. However, I was very sure the plants love the cold treatment.

Finally, the lights were on to welcome the evening as the event started. That was when the conservatory took on a different look from the day. The plants, especially the trees, came to life as beams of lights were thrown on them from the uplighters. It looked quite sinister with the shadows and silhouettes of trees all over the place. Someone said it reminded them of the movie "A Night at the Museum". Glancing up towards the roof, the reflection of the flower field on the glass seemed to portray a different world up there. Anyway, it was simply amazing to immerse in the whole atmosphere and be a part of this wonderful experience.