20 December 2011


Today's weather - sunny
The first Mission Impossible was screened in 1996 and the 3rd part was shown in 2006. This Tom Cruise vehicle is finally here after 5 years but I wasn't too thrilled to watch it. After watching so many movies for so many years, I guess it is hard to get me excited anymore unless it is really good.

As before, Tom plays the IMF agent Ethan Hunt, who is once again in hot soup. Together with Jeremy Renner of "The Hurt Locker" and Paula Patton, they went through seemingly impossible tasks in Dubai, Mumbai etc to prevent the launching of a nuclear missile that is expected to set forth the next stage of the human evolution.

I wasn't too thrilled by the storyline and acting but I was actually more amazed that Tom Cruise looks visibly older than before and his body, though seemingly muscular, was also sagging badly in various places. See what time can do and has done to someone who was once so young, fresh and virile looking when he first started out in the entertainment industry. Call me superficial but I guess we should never take our youth for granted because it is only there for a short while only. Before we know and realize it, it will be lost with the snap of the fingers.

Anyway, there was a brief cameo by Josh Holloway from the TV series "Lost", who lopped off his long tresses, and died within the first few minutes into the movie.