24 December 2011


This first photo shows the site formerly known as Arbor Garden. The shelter is still around but everything is different now and I have no idea what this new garden is called.

Towards the Butterfly Garden, the extended branches of the sprawling Holmskioldia sanguinea have almost covered the small canal. There was a squirrel that was hiding amongst the branches of the tree next to the enclosure.

The Native Garden has matured over the months and all the plants look so established. The outdoor freshwater aquarium is still there and there are a number of uncommon freshwater fishes in the tank. The Community-in-Bloom (CIB) Garden is now planted with lots of Pandanus plants. One of the latest gardens created, the Garden of Seasons, is looking good although some of the trees were no longer there. I particularly love the variegated Ardisia and Cheilocostus speciosus.

Beside the Silver Garden, I am so happy to see the variegated Beaumontia jerdoniana to be growing so well with numerous sprawling new shoots. It is a pity the plant has not started climbing up the Pterocarpus macrocarpus. The Silver Garden is also undergoing some landscape changes.