02 December 2011


This Schizolobium parahyba was flowering beautifully recently. The crown of small pinnate leaves and yellow flowers are just a joy to see.

To my delight, the Grewia occidentalis shrub was also showing off its dainty purple flowers.

I planted the Peronema canescens at HortPark but frankly this was the first time I am seeing the interesting small pinkish fruits.

Finally, the two Pentaspoden motleyi that were planted side-by-side with each other were trying to outdo each other by displaying two different sides of themselves. I have always love the form, branching, small leaves of this very amazing tree and at this location, one of them recently shed its leaves and was flowering profusely. Who would have thought they are both of the same species? I must admit the fine feathery flowers look was refreshingly pretty to look at.