24 December 2011


I didn't have the time to walk through the entire park and so only took snippets of some of the theme gardens.

At the Home Garden, I was extremely pleased to see the slow growing and weird looking Trevesia palmata (common name: Snowflake Tree, Snowflake Aralia; Family: Araliaceae) in bloom. This is a plant I first learnt about in HortPark and have never seen the flowers until now. Although the flowers were not completely opened, it was still an honour to see the actual plant blooming right before my eyes. I was also glad to see the naturalized Impatiens walleriana adding some colour to the green background.

Christmas is just 2 hours away, and what better way to celebrate this festive occasion with a pair of snowy reindeers and red-leaved Poinsettias right in front of the HortPark signage at the main entrance of Hyderabad Road.

As I made my way to Alexandra Road, I noticed most of Floral Walk was relandscaped to give it a new look. So long HortPark and Merry Christmas to all and sundry!