14 December 2011


 Today's weather - sunny
I just watched a movie starring Bryce Dallas Howard recently and surprisingly, this movie is produced by her. This British-American movie stars Henry Hopper and Mia Wasikowska as the two main leads.

Enoch, a young man who was the only survivor of a tragic traffic accident that claimed the lives of his parents, lived a life shrouded by the ghost of the past. He dropped out of school, had a Japanese pilot ghost as a friend and spent his time attending funeral memorials in an attempt to find closure to his parents death.

At one of the memorials, he befriended a girl Annabel, who was a brain tumour patient with only three months to live. They connected with each other emotionally and soon became a pair. Annabel was an optimistic girl who looked at death in the face and tried to make the best of her last days, enjoying the company of Enoch.

Finally, Annabel passed on and her memorial was designed and decorated by her and Enoch with the things she loved. There, a smiling Enoch managed to let go of his past unhappiness, embraced life and death and found the closure he needed to move on in life.

This is a movie that I don't particularly love or hate. I merely enjoyed it for what it is - simple, sincere and without shocks and frills. Interestingly, this movie has our local actor Ng Chin Han playing the doctor of Annabel.