29 December 2011


Traditionally, the men have the Tongkat Ali (scientific name: Eurycoma longifolia) to boost their libido whilst the women have the Kacip Fatimah (scientific name: Labisia pumila). Known as the childbirth medicine, it is often used to ease delivery, tighten the reproductive system after birth, regulate menstrual cycle and so on.

I am not sure of the identity of the palm but it certainly has lovely white and red fruits. It was a surprise to see the Congea tomentosa at this nursery area and the flowers looked like sprays of orchids from a certain view. There was also this rare Sanchezia with red bracts that I came across. Unfortunately, it is not available for sale.

Along the journey, we crossed a river and saw a few beautiful trees in the distance. One was a Ficus with spectacularly coloured figs. Too bad, I wasn't able to reach it too. We reached a nursery and I was astonished to find lots of bonsai-shaped topiaries for sale. The owner is from China and indeed I saw a number of plants that originate from China e.g. Loropetalum chinense, Nandina domestica. We left soon after when the approaching dark clouds beckoned us to leave.