21 December 2011


Today's weather - sunny
I have been so lazy lately and should have posted this earlier.

On the way to the World Orchid Conference at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), one has to pass by the theme gardens at Gardens by the Bay. These are some beautiful plants at the Chinese Garden of the Heritage Gardens e.g. Radermachera ignea  and Pitcairnia flammea.  

The view of the gardens from the MBS bridge is so amazingly spectacular as one can take in the scenic view of the conservatories, SuperTrees and pond that give character to the magnificent gardens. Visitors were seen snapping aerial photos of the area.

I crossed the skybridge, which I think is at the 4th level, before reaching the MBS Convention Centre itself. By then, the sky was turning dark and was going to rain.

The WOC appeared to be of a smaller scale than the Singapore Garden Festivals (SGF) held previously at Suntec City Convention Centre. At the retail area, I saw this beautiful Stag's Horn Fern (Platycerium) on sale but didn't buy it because I am not really a foliage plant person. Various winning orchids were displayed in glass cases and I am positive that some orchids e.g. Slipper Orchid, can be grown in terrariums with conducive conditions for its growth. I said this because I managed to keep some of these orchids in containers for months although they didn't flower for me. Finally, I took a photo of this superbly beautiful Coelogyne orchid from one of the retail booths. The owner wanted to sell it to me but I decided against buying it because this is a cool growing orchid and I am unable to replicate such conditions at home.