24 December 2011


I decided to take some photos of this park again after an absence of several months, with the intention to showcase the changes etc.

The first photo was taken to show the Rondeletia odorata but also to show how tall the Acalypha godseffiana var. heterophylla (Family: Euphorbiaceae) looks next to it.

The next few photos were focused on the Golden Garden. There was a Magpie Robin that was sort of hopping around the mulch bed at the base of the Rain Tree. Interestingly, the sighting of this bird in Singapore has become increasingly more frequent, no doubt thanks to efforts to conserve the natural habitats.

As I walked towards the small pond behind the Hands-on-House, I saw a family of squirrels. It is a family of at least 5-6 of them and they were all running and jumping from tree to tree - the Peltophorum pterocarpum (common name: Yellow Flame Tree) to the variegated Ficus benghalensis and vice versa. When they spotted me, they lied low and it was extremely difficult for me to take clear photos of them amidst the dense branches.

On the way, I saw two cute pineapples and hence took photos of the inconspicuous Ananas comosus planted in the bed of Arachis pintoi. As I glimpsed back, I noticed the variegated Casuarina already grew way beyond the roof of the Hands-on-House. I am so proud of you baby, although I think in time to come, someone would come to chop you down or take you out of the site.