28 December 2011


 Today's weather - sunny
This is a much delayed post. Like I mentioned in the post on the Phaius I purchased at the WOC, I realized that I forgot to post anything on the Sarawak (Kuching) trip I went in early March this year. So here goes.

The flight took off around 8:43 am and we reached the Sarawak airport at around 10:36 am. The first thing I saw was the Old Town White Coffee outlet and it reminded me of Mark Lee.

The roadscape reminded me of West Malaysia's landscape. The hotel we stayed in was so posh and I think it was the best hotel I ever stayed in thus far. From the room, I could see the Sarawak river.

We set off soon after and along the way, saw lots of Nepenthes species (Pitcher Plants) growing in its natural habitat along the road. They were all so beautiful and came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The inflorescences of separate male and female flowers were also prominently on display. I particularly like the compact N. ampullaria type of rosette pitchers.