29 December 2011


At another area, we saw stands of the uncommon Licuala mattanensis cv. Mapu. Its variegated leaves and slow growth makes it one of the more sought after and expensive palms.

The following day, we visited the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. They have some of the most beautiful and unusual plants around, such as the Poikilospermum microstachys (Family: Cecropiaceae), Saurauia sp. (Family: Actinidiaceae), Piper porphyrophyllum (Family: Piperaceae), Phaius tankervilliae (Family: Orchidaceae), Cyrtandra vaginata (Family: Gesneriaceae), Musa borneensis (Family: Musaceae), Globba atrosanguinea (Family: Zingiberaceae), Cyrtandra splendens, Homalomena humilis (Family: Araceae), Commelina diffusa (Family: Commelinaceae) and so on. They are simply so amazing!

And it is not a surprise that we had the local kolo mee for lunch! What better place to taste this noodle than at its local origin.